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But I’m not sure how much of what we see in these pictures emanates from Mrs.

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It means white women will in some significant number of cases black men as mates.

Eric, who is a police officer, writes: We have arrived at the pervasive miscegenation that exists now through a variety of ways.

The media is a big part of it at this point, I think.

writes: Your post about white women with black men brought this to mind.

This is Kelly Ripa with her new co-host, Michael Strahan.

Ripa, a married mother of three, apparently has no qualms about publicly embracing her new co-host.

In fact, she did so with great enthusiasm on his first day, leaping into his arms as he entered the studio: —— Comments —– Terry Morris writes: Several years ago I mentioned this at VFR in a comment to a similar entry: Almost twenty years ago a retired public school teacher shared with me her theory of why we see this sort of thing so often these days.

She said that white girls, being more emotionally driven and sympathetic than boys, and being taught in the public schools and by the surrounding culture that blacks have always been oppressed in America and are entitled to reparations, tend to believe that, therefore, they owe themselves emotionally and often physically to black men as a sort of atonement for white America’s sins against blacks.

This is why we see beautiful white women like the subject of this entry symbolically giving themselves to ugly black men.

And, of course, many go further than symbolically doing so, giving themselves entirely to black men.

Her theory seemed plausible to me then, as it does now.