Information dangers internet dating

A lady who shared an experience for Online Dating Magazine readers expressed how one guy showed up on her doorstep even though she never gave him her address! If something doesn't seem right about the person you are communicating with then this may be an indication that you should move on. Thus, even if you are a female you should take the initiative to contact people that look of interest to you. Be sure to change your account information to not give out your full name.

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6) If you have enough information on the person you are dating, then consider running a background check.I was surprised to learn that a person I once dated had done this on me. The only reason a person should be upset at you running a background check is if that person has something to hide. On rare occasions, a female who has met up with a male via online dating has been assaulted. There are a ton of good reasons, even outside of online dating, to take a self-defense course. Until you really know a person, it's a good idea to provide your own transportation.There's no reason the person you are dating needs to know where you live in the initial stages.Dear Trying to Avoid the Danger, What a great question!In general, online dating is a fun and effective means of meeting people compatible with you.

Tens of thousands of people have met, dated, and eventually married as a result of their online dating experience.

However, it is still vitally important when using online dating services, that you exercise caution because there are some dangers. They pretend to get to know and like you and once you fall for them they start asking you for money.

Here are a few: 1) The person you are communicating with may be married! Thousands of men have been sucked into this scam, wiring money to a girl they never met and never hearing from her again (or hearing from her asking more money).

If the person you are communicating with asks you for money, watch out.

3) Some people will email you instantly asking for your email address and as soon as you give it, you are inundated with dating spam while never hearing from that person again.

4) There are a few bad apples in the online dating world. A person armed with your home phone number can find your home address (without you knowing) in just a few clicks. 3) Usually a person trying to take advantage of you is one who communicates first with you. When you're ready to communicate with someone outside of the security of the online dating service you are using, you may want to consider using an anonymous email account from a service like Yahoo, Hotmail, or