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Skipping the dihedral misses some of the best climbing on the route.Didn't think it needed ballnuts, and as of 7/14 there was a small fixed stopper down low.


In episodes 2 and 3, we see Anakin is the height of a normal sized man. Given these facts, it's not difficult to see how a 6'1" Anakin could become a 6'8" Vader.

There are approximately 5-6 inches added at the feet and helmet alone, so the remaining inch or two could easily be dispersed throughout the shins & legs.

Armoring the soles may be necessary in order to protect the circuitry from fire or other environmental conditions.

The rock on top of the second pitch is high quality for the gap.

Some punchy overhang moves on P1; P2 has a scary PG13/R corner off the belay, an indimidating traverse, and some overhang moves to a top out similar to Modern Times. P2 corkscrews wildly and rope drag at the top was significant.

Scramble up 15 feet off the trail to a ledge with some trees to start. Climb a slab to a left facing corner that starts at the left end of a low roof. To Descend, do an almost entirely free-hanging rap from the stout tree with 2 60m ropes.

Climb straight up the corner, plug your gear, and pull the overhanging moves above, exiting right (crux) to a belay. Climb up the corner above on very thin gear, exit right (Mental crux, scary) just below the ceiling. You will land precisely where you started the route.

Continue up easier ground for a bit before heading right below and thru a series of roofs (Fixed pin far right), topping out at a distinct step in the last roof (second crux, well protected). I have heard that the pro was a bit sketchy at the beginning of the second pitch, and I agree (I did it in 2 pitches).

Being that I didn't have the balls (or the ballnuts) to go straight up, I traversed immediately right out of the dihedral and on to the face.

I put in a #2 at my feet about 10 feet to right of where I traversed out, climbed up the face (easier 5.4/5.5 climbing), and up to where you would exit the dihedral, got in pro and then back cleaned the #2. Seemed like a better option then potentially hitting the ledge, or buying a bunch of ballnuts (would think you would want two or three of the smaller ones).

There's bigger gear starting half way up the dihedral, and the climbing is not very hard through the bottom section.