Ica speed dating

This was chosen as one of the readers' articles of the year in 2007.

This review for the Financial Times of Boath House hotel in the Scottish highlands details how I got on when I borrowed one for the weekend.

John Carver and Anna Carloss are Sir Paul Mc Cartney's next door neighbours in the English countryside, but their rural cottage retreat has stuffed foxes and modernist design rather than roses around the door. A commentary for the Independent on Sunday on the arts-led regeneration of Margate, complete with details of how middle-class Hackney DFLs are changing the face of the seaside town (but not always how they think).

Written from the perspective of a working class writer from Margate This lengthy piece for the Telegraph magazine looks at the groups who travel around the world to ride rollercoasters, as well as what makes a classic coaster as well as the science and stats that surround the building of a new one in Southend.

I generally write about the arts, travel and eccentricity.

If I can tie up all three in one story then I am a happy man.

I have written for The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, The Observer, Financial Times, Times, The Independent on Sunday and The London Evening Standard.

Examining my own photographic work for the Guardian and explaining how a residency working with skinheads, mods, punks, rockers and rockabillies made me learn new things about youth, growing up and creativity.

You would not expect to find young offenders in an art gallery, let alone curating a show in one of the nation's major exhibition spaces.

I visit the Koestler Trust for the Times to find out what happens when you let hoodies run an art show. The organisers of the first speed-dating event for artists at the ICA in London seem to think so.

I go along with my art for the Guardian and prove a surprising hit with the capital's art lovers.

This Guardian piece about New York antifolk singer Jeffrey Lewis talks about his album of Crass covers as well as detailing the heated arguments betwen that band's Steve Ignorant and Penny Rimbaud over a revival gig.