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Rachel had been putting her daughter Kaire through law school. She told him she was making more than she could if she got her degree. Kaire unbuttoned her tan suit to reveal more to her brother. Kaire smiled and reached over to rub his cock and show him what the men were paying for.

Kaire told him she had changed a bit, she was stripping now and making a lot of cash money.

Matt was shocked when she walked in with purple streaks in her hair and a tattoo.

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She was a pro now so she pulled his cock out and sucked it.Matt loved how good her mouth felt and how she looked.She stripped naked and bent over doggystyle looking over her shoulder at her brother's hard on. Kaire finished him off by sucking his cock and tit fucking him milking him in between her tits. Kaire knew her mom would be home soon so she jumped up and whispered, do not tell mom. She is in the living room with her husband one evening trying to have a serious conversation about their relationship but he is more interested in reading the sports page.With a smile Matt agreed. 579 - Family Ncest Fantasies This is our longest production to date with six vignettes in the week of a family. She tells him that she wants excitement in their sex life.Unfortunately their sex life has become very routine with a quick hump on Saturday night.

He tells her to quit complaining since this is Saturday night.

Later that evening she puts on a new nighty to try to turn him on.

She asks him how he likes it and he tells her it is fine.

He stands up, drops his boxers and pushes her to her knees.

He quickly slides his cock into her mouth and face fucks her until he is hard.

He puts her on her hands and knees on the bed and shoves his cock into without the slightest bit of foreplay. She imagines her young virile son walks into the bedroom and joins her on the bed. He slips her nighty off her shoulders and suckles her plump breasts.