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I am so lonely I ave eight month old daughter and I am pregnant again, about four months along. Is it wrong to feel like he should understand that I have aged mostly... her husband was always gone on business and just left her at home, usually she called me crying about the situation.

Have 2 gorgeous girls.11 and 13 (well,, 14 in couple of wks) I worked for the first1 0 yrs we were married til i was goin on maternity leave to heave the mbabay..BOOM! Things were pretty rocky from the start most noteably because I had a son from a previous "situation" and was highly concerned if I was making the right choices for him by... I am so hot for him but he is not attracted to me anymore.

My husband and I have been together for 6 years, married for 5.

I am a first wife, in my second marrige of 11+ years, We have a son together and i have one from my previous marriage.

In the early years I worked hard and tried to build a career.

But as with most women, I had to step aside to allow him the opportunity to help more while I took...

i met this guy three years ago and we beca,e really good friends but he had a girlfriend the entire time.we talked about marriage and stuff but i was very distant with him so about a year into our friendship we got into a huge fight and he sent me on my way to grow up. Well I am 23 and I have been married for 2 and a half years. I love being a mother and am excited for the next baby to come along. I have supported my husband for the last 2 1/2 years while he was at home.I am just getting no attention from my husband, I feel invisible. I work full time, pay all the bills, sort out all the money, practically hand him a job on a plate, sort out all his self employment documents (just to get him... My kids are aggravating me, my husband doesn't want me, the bills...I am 32 with 4 kids about 9 yrs ago my hunsband told me that i had to quit working. He told me he did want the boys to be raised by a strainger. Allow me to clarify that statement a bit, cause it could mean different things to different people. He calls and emails but that only leave my pussie pulsing and dripping. All I am here to do is cook and clean and serve everyone else. I have a great career as an artist, and I'm a mom to a wonderful chid.ok i could see he point so i became a stay home mom don;t get a worng i love being a stay... Iā€™m not saying she presents herself to the world as a ā€œ****ā€ ā€“ though, on occasion, she enjoys dressing like one. I'm probably spoiled but I'm not used to my ***** being ignored. My ex-comon law husband (James Ian Onespot of Sarcee alberta) came to my house and assaulted me. Just an inner question i find myself asking now a days. 10 yrs before we got married and have been married now for about 3 1/2 yrs. My husband seems to live to work rather than work for a living! His work takes him to various places in our region and he has been gone for like two months now! My husband is faithful and hard working, and supports my art career.I have recently married in March of this year 2012.. because their husbands grow to become selfish, self-serving, relationship-lazy human beings who begin to treat their wives like the tree in Shel Silverstein's, "The Giving Tree." As the wife, you strive to be supportive, sacrificial, loving, indulgent. Okay, so I am young and beautiful and utterly neglected. I am a 26 year old married mother of three and I am married to a depressed sex addict. Going thru menopause,hot flashes the whole 9 yards. I'm attractive but you might pass me without stopping. His intentions were to kill me because he thought no other man can have me. We have a 10 yr old son and i stay at home to go work out at the YMCA. like everyone else in the beginning it was a fantasy and now the magic is gone. I am a full time mother of four and you would think that I shouldn't be so lonely but I am missing... But at just shy of 36 years old, I feel so invisible as a sexual person.