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It's an affirmative vision for a moment that's very unlikely to be now. But whatever results are emerging this morning, William Blake's The Dance of Albion can only feel like a cruel irony or a bitter protest or an impossibly remote ideal. Albion is England, a personification of this island.In this picture – also known as Albion Rose or Glad Day – he symbolises England's political awakening and liberty.

Pictorially, there's nothing to set it in any specific age or place or politics. This image has a ruling design, a radiant structure, which incorporates the whole figure and all its limbs and everything.All the same, Albion represents a uniquely utopian figure. The Dance of Albion is in the middle of a dance step, and its level arms are keeping its balance. So the utopian figure is saved from being fixed and rigid. Arms and legs emerge like the spokes of a wheel, roughly centred on the diaphragm, but it's not merely a matter of the anatomy. Who could ever imagine this glad day on any morning, or dare to frame this image on any public poster?His body itself speaks an abstract but articulate language. It has no sophisticated classical complexity, no graceful twisting of torso and stance. The crucial device here, never used by Blake elsewhere (or by anyone else) so explicitly and so strongly, is the equation between the body and its background. It could only be propaganda for a party of apocalypse. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communication from Walsh University.Holly then moved to Los Angeles where she discovered her love for writing children’s books.

The idea for writing her first book came when Holly was given two of her favorite things, a box of chocolate and a pack of socks, which led to the title of her first children’s book, .While living in Los Angeles, Holly met her husband Dr. They fell in love quickly and three months later they were engaged and Holly moved to South Carolina.Holly spends her time visiting elementary schools reading to children and encouraging them to always follow their dreams.Sounding embarrassed, she told host Gary Bryan: 'You know I've only had two boyfriends, right? So I'm not like — when you say that, it just sounds funny. This is a hypothetical image for a hypothetical day.