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The year 2015 is here, CES is behind us and we are now turning towards the new year and are beginning to eagerly await the next generation of Android flagships.

Keep in mind that these are rumors and so there’s no guarantees on the accuracy of anything in this roundup.

In other words, read this post only if you enjoy speculating as much as we do!

In the past Samsung has promised on more than one occasion that it would go back to the drawing board with its next Galaxy phone, and each time we’ve ended up with a phone that largely sticks to the same ole’ Samsung formula with minor tweaks (leather stitching, dimpled backs, etc).

For the Galaxy S6, Samsung is again promising its biggest changes to the brand yet.

But this time, there’s actually some evidence that they may be more than just talking big. Samsung has been actively experimenting with full-metal designs on some of its lower and mid-range devices and even the Note 4 had a metallic frame.

More than one rumor floating around claims that the GS6 will have a metallic body, and some claim a full unibody could even be in the works. The problem here is that we’ve also heard reports that Samsung has had QA issues with the production of unibody cases, which makes us question whether or not Samsung could really pull off a full unibody case for one of its core flagship devices.

We’d imagine we’ll see a metal framed Galaxy S6 at the very least, though it’s certainly possible a fully metallic design could be in the works.

Even more recently though, rumors have pointed to the fact that Samsung will go with a metal edge, similar to the Alpha and Note 4.

However, the twist to this formula is that the phone will actually feature glass material in the design, perhaps with the back panel being made of glass.

This design will also allegedly lack a removal battery.

While it’s hard to say how believable this rumor is, the latest Galaxy S6 teaser from Samsung may end up backing the idea of a glass/metal design for the GS6.