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Harry never dated Caroline, it was just PR by the band management and her own to get their names out there.Caroline has been a close friend of Nick's for years and she allowed herself to be used as a scapegoat for to protect the real relationship.

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I know very few people that knew she existed before this relationship began.And for the record all alleged girlfriends' of boybands receive deathtraps.Liam, another memeber of the band, girlfriend has had to cancel appearances with her group over death threats. So, do most people in UK showbiz circles think they are an item, r22?r6, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of him being bi. I wish he at least swung both ways, but all he cares about is pussy, pussy, pussy. It was no wonder that his cock got leaked a few months ago.The tabs catch him everywhere courting another girl. He sent it back to a fan who made a necklace for him. Honestly, I don't know if I'd even want to get with him if given the opportunity.

That boy must be full of so many diseases.r13, I don't have any close connections to Styles, so...Anyone who's had to listen to the media talk endlessly about Harry, probably knows the same amount that I do.The boy is somewhat like a "frat guy" type, but totally gay friendly.I give it a year or so when they announce that he's leaving and going solo.Honestly, I feel bad for the other members in that "band" having to deal with all the attention he gets.Yeah they are dating or at least sleeping together which is gag-worthy seeing that Nick is annoying, unattractive and a celebrity hipster leech.