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“The majority of Canadian men (68%) have done the right thing and lied when their significant other asked the dreaded “Do I look fat in this?

) Let’s simplify this, boys and girls: the answer is always “no.” (“Do I look fat in this?

Heather Pierce has always been a wallflower, personally and professionally.

She has been a doormat in every relationship she’s had.

She has been doing her and her boss’s work for the past few years without any benefits.

Now she will take charge of any future relationships and she will aim to take her boss’s job when he retires.

Tony Carmine is the top acquisitions officer for his company and a known international playboy.

He is used to always being in charge and taking every advantage possible.

But when he joins his friend at a speed dating event, he finds himself surprised by the woman sitting in front of him who decides to take charge and makes him put his phone away.

Heather didn’t know that she had it in her to take charge, but once she starts how far will she be able to take it.

Will everything just be about sex or will it be take a deeper route, to make matters worse Tony’s company wants to buyout Heather’s company.

While their relationship is intense, it will take more faith and trust to survive the challenges ahead.