Hacked online sex chat sites

At the entrance of this Hell, there’s no sign that says, "abandon all hope, ye who enter here." Instead, there’s an actual logo that reads “HELL.” There is a slogan that says, “fuck heaven, hell is hot,” and an image of a sports car on a highway to an infernal looking city, a thinly-veiled reference to the classic rock song “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. This is not the actual, biblical Hell, but a place where there are criminal hackers, wannabe criminal hackers, scammers, and perhaps federal agents, rather than demons and damned souls.It’s a new, little known, hacking forum actually called Hell.

A one night stand, a swinger, a fuck buddy, someone looking for BDSM, webcam sex, or just somebody interested in regular ‘ol dating?

The data came from the hack of the popular online hookup service Adult Friend Finder, which boasts of more than 60 million members.

ROR[RG] claimed he was posting the database, which had apparently been stripped of credit card information, because Adult Friend Finder had a debt with a friend of his.

“This is for owing my guy 7,938.28 BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

” ROR[RG] wrote in the thread where he announced the breach, which has since been deleted.

“Pay up or be fucked,” the hacker wrote, demanding a ransom of 0,000.

The hacker also said he wasn’t worried about authorities hunting him down, as he lived in Thailand.

He justified his actions because the site “is a pervo website,” and “had it coming”—no pun intended, maybe.

For more than a month, almost no one outside of the Hell forum really seemed to notice what was clearly a big data breach, with the potential of exposing the private lives of millions of people, some of whom were likely married or in a stable relationship—making them easy targets for extortion.

It wasn’t until late May, almost three months later, when British TV station Channel 4 broke the story, that the rest of the world found out.

Only then did Adult Friend Finder admit the breach on its website.