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The centre is located at Ranoda village, approximately 35 km from Amdavad and 3 km before the town of Dholka.

There are two Meditation Halls: The larger new hall sits approximately 250 students while the smaller hall can sit roughly 30 students.

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However, it may not be totally secure even though encryption is used.If you are concerned about the possibility of security risks of your confidential information while it is on the Internet, do not use this form and instead download an application. Then please send the form to the course organizers.By faxing or posting your application form it may delay the registration process by one to two weeks.To access the Old Student Regional Site please click A user name and password will be required to access these pages.

Questions may be addressed to Email: [email protected] expenses are met by donations from those who, having completed a course and experienced the benefits of Vipassana, wish to give others the same opportunity.Neither the Teacher nor the assistant teachers receive remuneration; they and those who serve the courses volunteer their time.Thus Vipassana is offered free from commercialisation.Meditation courses are held at both center and non-center locations.Meditation centers are dedicated facilities where courses are held regularly throughout the year.Before meditation centers were established in this tradition, all courses were held at temporary sites, such as campgrounds, religious retreat centers, churches and the like.