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For solving the crime, he was made Captain of the Banana Guards.

Later in the episode after becoming Captain of the Banana Guard he wore a blue policeman's uniform which included a necktie and hat with a badge on it.When he was resurrected in "Cherry Cream Soda", Root Beer Guy no longer has a head filled with root beer.Instead, his head is a mason jar filled with sandy dirt and his remaining root beer and his body is composed of soil. If the nickname is just the hero's name with a descriptor in front of it, that's Sister Trope The Adjectival Superhero. In Film Adaptations, many of these may be exempt from the Comic-Book Movies Don't Use Codenames clause, due to the fact that they're used more as a title than a "name". Stuffy literature majors refer to these as epithets.

Because, we suppose, it is hard to squeeze all the required coolness into just one name.Root Beer Guy (Dirt Beer Guy) was a Candy Person who was later revived as a mix of mostly plant and his remaining root beer substance.He appeared in the opening sequence beside Candy Person #22.In "Susan Strong," he wore a witch's hat on his straw in preparation for the Hyoomans' attack.In "No One Can Hear You," the Stag licked him right before licking a Banana Guard. In "Root Beer Guy," he was revealed to be a telemarketer who was working on a mystery novel.He witnessed Finn and Jake kidnapping Princess Bubblegum and tried to catch them, only to learn it was Princess Bubblegum who set up the scenario to test the Banana Guards' security capabilities.