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Use pull tasks to update your master repository with DAT and engine update packages from the source site. Mc Afee releases new DAT files daily and engine files less frequently.

Deploy these packages to managed systems as soon as possible to protect them against the latest threats.

With this release, you can specify which packages are copied from the source site to the master repository. DAT files must be checked in to the master repository manually. A scheduled Repository Pull server task runs automatically and regularly at times and days you specify.

For example, when Mc Afee alerts you to a fast-spreading virus and releases a new DAT file to protect against it.If a pull task fails you must check the packages in to the master repository manually.Once you have updated your master repository, you can distribute these updates to your systems automatically with global updating or with replication tasks.Consider these when scheduling pull tasks: • Bandwidth and network usage.If you are using global updating, as recommended, schedule a pull task to run when bandwidth usage by other resources is low.

With global updating, the update files are distributed automatically after the pull task finishes. DAT files are released daily, but you may not want to use your resources daily for updating. Schedule replication tasks and client update tasks to ensure the update files are distributed throughout your environment.Anti-Virus Scanning Engine updates are first released as an elective download requiring manual installation.After review of the elective download, the latest Engine is moved to the Auto Update sites.However, it might not suit your environment to update all computers to the most current Engine.For example, you might want to carry out preliminary testing on a test network or initially want only limited deployment.This article explains how to configure e PO 4.6 to not automatically update to the latest posted Engine.