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American Sephardi Federation (ASF) is a membership organization that preserves and promotes the rich mosaic culture of Jews from the Middle East and throughout the greater Sephardic Diaspora.ASF does this by: Founded in 1973, Yeshiva University Museum's changing exhibits have celebrated the culturally diverse intellectual and artistic achievements of 3,000 years of the Jewish experience.The Museum provides a window into Jewish culture around the world and throughout history through its acclaimed multi-disciplinary exhibitions and award-winning publications.

Headquartered in New York City since 1940, today YIVO is the world's preeminent resource center for East European Jewish Studies; Yiddish language, literature and folklore; and the American Jewish immigrant experience.

The YIVO Library holds over 360,000 volumes in 12 major languages, and the Archives contains more than 23,000,000 pieces, including manuscripts, documents, photographs, sound recordings, art works, films, posters, sheet music, and other artifacts.

YIVO also offers a series of cultural events and films, adult education and Yiddish language classes, various scholarly publications, research opportunities and fellowships.

ons on the one hand coupled with kindness and encouragement on the other.

I have only had six weeks of lessons with her so far, but I have already learned a lot and can compare her favorably with other instructors." forward and back.

His command of music theory, the guitar and performance is so complete (so second-nature to him), he can direct his conscious attention entirely to the needs of the student, adapting his teaching methodology accordingly. Every lesson I attended was relaxed, cordial, fun and packed with tips, expertise & insight." ique, posture and sound quality.

It took a bit, but she helped my daughter relearn some overlooked basics. Then the approach Nicole takes in helping students learn to listen to and understand their own playing really increased my daughters motivation to improve.

She has improved tremendously and is having fun doing it." finally master some of the trickier hybrid rudiments.

Keith developed an excellent program with achievable goals week to week and practical ways to apply new skills across the kit.

Moving up a level seemed easy in the end - the sign of a quality teacher.

Keith also identified and helped me to correct a technique flaw that was holding me back.