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Once sites like Facebook cropped up, the need to find these folks diminished.

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Just trying to fill out my profile was a frustrating experience, and it took me a lot longer than 80% of the dating sites I’ve used and reviewed over the past decade.Signing up is quick and easy, either through the main interface of the site, or by using your Facebook profile.Your local data (city and postal/zip code) will automatically populate the fill-in form.A few years ago, it became apparent I needed to write a Friends Reunited review. Although the site isn’t meant to specifically connect singles, it offers an uncanny ability to help people reconnect after losing touch from their school days.I didn’t find it particularly suited, however, to love and romance; there is more a platonic friendships or “what if’s” feel than anything else.

Still, it’s extremely popular (especially in the UK).Just here to share your own Friends Reunited review? Just scroll down to the bottom and add a comment; the stars will show up once you click on them.Friends Reunited initially helped UK-based former classmates and friends of all ages reconnect after they’d lost touch in one of the first online social networks ever.In the past few years they’ve re-branded themselves as a ‘nostalgia’ site. Friends Reunited started in 2000, well before anything social networking was labelled as such.Some readers have asked me to create a Friends Reunited review, so let’s jump into the details and see just how it all works. First in trickles, then in deluges, reconnecting with people, places or things they’d long since lost contact with was the focus.Usually in this first section of a dating site review, I share a quote or outline of the company, so people unfamiliar with the site get the jist of what’s underneath the surface. Friends Reunited has a very long, fascinating past, although if you’re from or have lived in the UK for the past decade, you’re likely already familiar with much of the story. By 2005 they had 12 million members, and the site was well known for having broken up many a marriage by rekindling high school sweetheart romances.