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One option is societally acceptable, one is partially so, one is not acceptable, and the fourth option (my favorite) is largely unknown, though as time goes on will become more known and accepted.

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It meets many needs of both false Societal Programming and Obsolete Biological Wiring.Moreover, if your girlfriend is even a little above average in looks, you also get accolades and praise from society.Even if she isn’t, society will pat you on your back for your “good” decision. This is why it’s so popular with gameless betas, AFCs, and other submissive men. It’s all the stuff I’ve been talking about for years that I probably don’t need to repeat.A while back I made a post about the nine options men have as they age regarding whether or not they embrace long-term relationships.Today I’m going to discuss the four options men have regarding how they satisfy their normal, everyday sexual needs.

During this analysis, I will be operating under the assumption that the vast majority of men like sex and need sex regularly.It’s true there’s a small percentage of men who are physically unable to have sex because of age or severe debilitation.It’s also true that there’s another small percentage of men who either don’t like sex, have very low sex drives, or have gone extreme MGTOW and become permanently celibate.() Oddball places like Japan aside, these types of men are a very tiny percentage of the overall male population worldwide under the age of 60.So yeah, there are exceptions, but on the overall men like and need regular sex.As always, the four options have their pros and cons.