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A 3D chat room can be a cool change from the basic 2D chat rooms.In a 3D chatroom, users can create their own personal avatar, move through the 3D space and chat with many different users.The 3D space is a very modern way for users to communicate.

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Some rooms are open to all users while other are organized by age group or by groups of friends.In the Café for 30+, users in the same age group can make friends with people in their similar age range.Other 3D chat rooms in Smeet are organized by theme where users can meet and chat. The theme of this contest will be "The Shades of Autumn" For all of the details, please check here for our What's coming up in Dockwave? This contest is open to all of Dockwave's paying members.

~ Icon Raffles will resume October 3, 2016 at 9 pm eastern ~ Tuesday night is Trivia Night in the Game Room.

We start promptly at 10 pm eastern / 9 pm central ~ The last Friday of every month; 9 pm eastern - Intuitive Readings by Winds Whisper.

Please check our calendar for all of the details ... This is a fun place for adults to chat and make friends - in our "E", "R", and "HR" rated chatrooms with NO advertising.

Choose a room, pull up a chair, and make yourself at home!

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A 3D chat room is a 3D space integrated with different chat functions.