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Back in the 1700, if you had not managed to get married by the time you was 21, then you were stigmatized, so you had to find a way, of finding a husband or wife.

Newspapers started offering a service in which, people could advertise for a husband or wife, so the first dating service was born.

Newspapers continued to develop the dating service via the use of telephones, then the video-tape VHS brought us video dating.

Dating using computers started many years ago in the 80s, through bulletin boards and newsgroups before the Internet as we know it today started, back then it was all text, no pictures, no clicking on icons to move about the site.

The bulletin boards, forums and news groups were promoted by the Internet service providers AOL, Prodigy who offered chat rooms, forums where people with similar interests could communicate.

The first major online dating site was and of which the later is still going today with millions of visitors both these site was started by the same person back in 19 respectively, by the late 90s there were many more dating sites the market just exploded with over 20 major dating sites operating on the web.Even today there is still a stigma attached to either newspaper or internet dating but this stigma is rapidly reducing we now see dating companies advertising on TV and radio.We have now added Messenger allowing you to contact other members.Quick Chat has now been installed so you can now chat to other members in real time Multiple chat rooms are available for different chat topics Meet new people chat for fun, romance, dating and long term relationships. He wanted to take me home but I cant stand to be near him right now. You did totally humiliate me, but I did it to please you.