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We’ve had a lot of questions asking about the British Lottery International email scam which so many folks are receiving.It seems that with the Katrina scams starting to wane, the British Lottery International scam is picking up steam again.

I am assuming this is a scam but would like to verify.

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid no contract cheap cell phone service brand that utilizes the AT&T network and is now owned by AT&T too.

Back in Spring 2014 AT&T dropped its AIO wireless brand to focus on its acquisition of Cricket which would become the company’s low cost brand.

The Cricket brand is meant to compete with other new low cost prepaid and MVNO cell phone plans like Republic Wireless, T-Mobile, and others.

Recently, since it is owned by AT&T, the Cricket brand has stepped up its offerings and deals as a means to fend off T-Mobile’s marketing assault of the big wireless carriers.

Cricket Wireless offers a number of different prepaid plans with their main set of unlimited plans being their most popular.

These unlimited plans consist of three tiers of service that range from per month to per month.

Here’s a comparison chart of Cricket’s base plans: You’ll notice that on the Basic, Smart, and Pro plans I’ve shown a price range with a differentiation due to Cricket providing a discount to those who enroll in their monthly auto-pay service using a credit or debit card.

This is a no-brainer to me, but only if you are good about paying off your credit card in time.

It’s nice to get those credit card points while being sure you don’t miss any payments via automation, not to mention the extra you’d end up saving over the course of the year.

Another important thing to note about the Cricket Wireless prepaid plans is that there are two categories of data available for each.