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The hands of the clock move on, every living moment adds on to the richness of the part.'Time and tide wait for no man' – yet, it is in man to make the 'moments' that comprise life as meaningful as he desires.

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In its long trail DPS Mathura Road (the only DPS till 1972) has nurtured and contributed in the growth of what then were merely children, into luminaries in their own right today.

Dipsites are everywhere be it in the field of academics, politics, sports, the creative arts or the file pushers in the corridors of power.

From a small beginning in the President's Estate in 1941 as Church High School to Naveen Bharat School in 1947, and finally in 1949 in its present location on Mathura Road, DPS has traversed a long journey.

The birth of a new nation in 1947, was in a way the beginning of DPS (called Naveen Bharat then).

A momentous time in the history of our nation, when many a beginning was made to fulfill a social, national need.

DPS was not a silent witness to the trials and tribulations of the growing metropolis, but contributed richly to the growth of the capital, specially academically. Puram 1972 to the most recent at Mumbai are simple assertions of the strength that is DPS.

By the 70's the parent DPS was ready to spread its wings. Today at the turn of the century, with more than fifty years behind us and sixty branches, both in India and abroad we are filled with pride.

1999 is 'a milestone' which needs to be celebrated and remembered with pride.

A pride that stems from a tenacity to over come problems, survive and prosper.

Every member of the DPS family must share this joy today.

This book is a collection of contributions by our ex-students, the Dipsites and the teaching faculty – pillars on which rest the growth of any social order. We do not attempt to recount the history of this great exercise in growth and learning.