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The main thing to do after spending a day or two in KK is to climb mount Kinabalu (the other popular options are heading to the beach or going white water rafting).As for booking…if you are planning on going there during the high season you will likely need to book in advance. There is only one place to stay overnight on the mountain so just book directly with them to save $$.I went during the low season and booked a day in advance. They do not provide transportation to the park, but its really easy to get a mini-van or taxi from KK.

The via ferrata a good bit more expensive than just a normal climb up the mountain.But there are some ways to shave a bit off the price.You can actually book it at the entrance to the park cheaper than you can in KK.After spending a longer than expected time in Peninsular Malaysia, I made it to Sabah one of the two states in Bornean Malaysia.Kota Kinabalu or KK (Malaysians like to just use the initials of their cities: KL, JB, KK) is a nice little town with a lot of amazing seafood to sample.

For the freshest seafood try the covered fish market a few blocks from the water.

Almost anything you can imagine is sitting alive in a tank ready to be prepared for you.

There is also a market by the water which is a bigger draw for tourists…honestly some of those grilled fish didn’t look like they were cooked that day let alone earlier in the evening.

Plus there were really no shellfish available by the water while at the covered market there great looking clams and oysters and scallops. D., is actually pretty damn big (had to have been 400+ inside).

KK also has a decent bit of nightlife with bars and clubs (much more than I was able to locate in KL) which was a nice change. On the weekends they have a cover band (when I was there it was a Filipino group with 4 female singers and a backing band) followed by a DJ.

I think when I went there with my friend we comprised about 33% of the Westerners in the place.