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I think I was very excited the thought of what we were doing. His hard cock was small, of course, small compared with Russ, and was about the size of a twelve centimeters long and slightly thicker than my thumb.

But what Max lacked in size, it more than made up for traffic.

I really wanted to see how we looked together on the floor in the middle of the room.

I approached the top of the world and did not want shoot down his rhythm movement of his hips, and therefore tried to remain stationary while Max worked furiously behind.

I grabbed hold of her hips as I started fucking her pussy from behind.

I let go with one hand and took hold of her long, dark hair.

Tell me it was different with me that I had really connected with him. I reminded myself that he was a gigolo that I was paying.

I felt him roll off the bed and heard him enter the bathroom.

When he reemerged a few seconds later, I had managed to get a hold of my emotions.

Soon her movements have become increasingly active, I felt everything.

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