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this page also pointed to the "rebdomine" AOL account.

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Thankfully I got those profiles and before it all went offline... I believe Eric probably wrote it - and it refers to "anarchist's cookbook" as an external source.. This may be entirely irrelevant, but I feel I'm doing something to preserve the files / information that was once available publicly and in some cases now gone! A senior, she loved animals, Shakespeare and volleyball. Sean Graves, 15, serious but stable; shot in back; possible spinal injury 4. It is on this site that I will try to explain from my personal point of view what happened to my school on April 20, seems to be a new, personalized offering on tips/building/materials with respect to pipe bombs. What we do know is that Eric had this file on his web site, had saved it in his version of MS Word, probably wanted to distribute it (since it was in his web directory), and it appears he used the information contained within - with horrific consequences... Richard Casaldo, 17, critical condition; shot in chest, arm and back 1. Male, 19, stable condition, gunshot wounds; brought from Littleton Adventist via helicopter. Sorry if the grammer is below average, I really do not care.This was in the news in 19 - bomb instructions and other materials available online, and I recall thinking "Sure, the information is out there... Lisa Kreutz, 18, multiple gunshot wounds to her body; doing well. Mark Kingen, 17, serious but stable condition; multiple gunshot wounds to head and neck. Female, 18, fair condition with multiple gunshot wounds to lower extremities. Male, 16, critical but stable condition with gunshot wounds to his face, chest and legs; is breathing on a ventilator. Brian Anderson, 17, treated and released; superficial chest wounds received from gunshots. Nicole Nowlen, 16, gunshot wounds to abdomen; fair condition. I will express my views as well as feelings about this seemingly unavoidable tragedy. I didn’t feel like going to school but since my friend was picking me up I didn’t want to make her drive for nothing.Littleton Adventist Hospital (10 treated total; 7 of whom released, 1 other taken via helicopter to St. The things I say are what I think or believe what happened. I will only place bits and pieces of what I know on this site I woke up at a.m. She arrived at my house and we proceeded to goto school at Columbine Senior High. " and "its and I have an important date with you know who." The day seemed pretty normal.Anthony Central; 2 remain hospitalized in good condition -- one male, one female; identities and other details not released) 1. Since April 20 is , it was a day that many students were supposed to love and enjoy for various reasons. I think I faired well on my math test and we watched Cyrano De Bergerac in World Studies.

After math I rushed to my locker to meet a friend so we could go out for lunch.

The time was precisely and we headed to my house because I didn’t feel so well and wanted to take some Tylenol. We were headed north on Pierce when suddenly we saw a police cruiser in the middle of the road beside a cargo van and a little Mazda.

I figured "oh well another accident that could have been prevented and everyone is over reacting." I had no idea how wrong I was.

I told the person driving to head in the Woodmar neighborhood so we could get to school using my "stealth" route.

We were then passed by a bunch of kids in a White Cherokee who were honking and waving their arms at us.

I thought to myself "Crap they wanna beat me up and we cant get away because her car is too slow" Then they honked at everyone else so I felt a lot better. We headed north on Wadsworth then turned and went on Bowles where we eventually got to piece the street my school is one. Piece was blocked off from this side of school as well.