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But I couldn't say no to him, no matter what he wanted to do.

No matter how many times we did this, I could feel him stretching out my innermost recesses like I was still a virgin.I grabbed his ass and tried to pull him deeper inside of me.My muscles stiffened as she felt an orgasm building.I loved feeling Don's tongue against my pussy."Take me bareback," he said, as he slid a finger into my ass.

My husband and I had agreed that two kids was enough, and we knew from past experience I got pregnant easily.

In a few minutes, I was screaming, as the long-delayed orgasm overtook me.

I felt my pussy gushing as he sucked my engorged clit, gently tugging it between his lips, then stroking it again with his tongue, then pulling it back into his mouth, then his tongue, then his lips, back and forth until I worried my moaning would wake the kids.

The son of a bitch always knew just the right moment to back off, just when I was soooo close, just when I was desperate to be pushed over the edge.

But his tongue had moved down to my asshole, and he was circling my little pink rosebud as his hands squeezed my ass cheeks.

I didn't mind anal, but I'd much rather have his cock in my cunt.