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Traveling with a guy for a trip to an exotic place use to be called a honeymoon and most ladies would not do this.

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Reality check about females who want to travel around Europe Living in Eastern Europe a good part of my life I noticed there are scores of women looking for trips around Europe and the world. To travel they buy a bus ticket or cheap air to London, Paris or Amsterdam and work as a waitress.

Further, real Eastern European girls who want to travel do not demand five-star hotels, but rather traveling on a shoe string or off the beaten path or even a three star Egyptian hotel.

Maybe some are greedy but most do not have such high expectations and go to Dubai, but this is the exception and not the rule.

They swap apartments with other travellers, and go with groups of friends and stay in youth hostels.

It is very 1989 to think that these girls would do it as a call girl.

You need a time machine to see these types of girls. The real professional girls would not join such a web site, but have other avenues to milk money from a sugar daddy.

Where real girls who want to barter travel go For example if you would find a girl looking for a sponsor it is mostly in online classified ads.

Sponsoring is not a call girl but rather a girl who can travel and go places with a guy like a boyfriend, but with benefits.

They have a normal relationship with the exception the conditions are implied, but not always.

I have seen a few of these types of ads on Gumtree, but more commonly on websites that have a dual language like English and Russian side.

The proposed purpose of this website is to offer guys a chance to meet such girls. A kind of social networking for people who like to travel.