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America can't really run on Dunkin' without running itself into the ground.And of late, the military has weighed in, with accomplished brass advising the government that epidemic obesity among the young was putting the nation's military preparedness in jeopardy.Most recently, the government received independent reports from both the Institute of Medicine and the Trust for America's Health advising an array of corrective actions, including improvements in school food, such as those at the heart of the current turmoil.

We did not demand that the growing bodies of children we love be built from wholesome food and not junk; we did not insist that "sound mind, sound body" was right all along and find a way to fit physical activity back into our children's days, no matter what., and it has stuck with us ever since.

Felix's advice in this case pertains to the kids we left out of the conversation.

Somewhere along the line, someone assumed kids would eat whatever we gave them.

There was -- and is -- a need to involve the kids directly in initiatives that affect them.

We have emphasized that schools were never the whole problem and could never be the whole solution -- but were either part of the one, or part of the other.

Economists have warned the government that the dollar costs of business as usual were unsustainable.

The future health care needs of the kids who get evermore soda and French fries but ever-less physical education could hobble our economy permanently.

A nation in which one in three has diabetes might not even be viable.

Resistance to, if not outright rebellion against, implementation of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act in the nation's schools is fast becoming notorious.

The video elements of the uprising are, predictably, going viral.

And yet the government in general, and the USDA in particular, are to be commended for trying to do something to address the ever-worsening problem of childhood obesity and the calamitous health effects attached to it.