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Emily turns up at the apartment to tell Ross she loves him and they call Ross so he can come home as quickly as possible.When Rachel walks over to the guys to turn off the TV while they're eating, Chandler says "no one touches the air around the TV." Then in the following shots/counter-shots, Rachel's position switches from hands on her hips to arms crossed in front of her. I absolutely love the scene in the airport when Ross tells Emily that he loves her and she says "thank you". Too bad that Frank needs to quit his refrigerator college.His mimic was priceless, and I love how he was telling it to Monica. They had a great idea to make Emily come to New york again while Ross was in London and her leaving him a message while telling the neighbours to bugger off was very funny. Lisa Kudrow is just great in the scene where they tell the rest about the Relaxy Cab.

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Ross is sad because Emily just left for the airport and he doesn't know when and if he will see her again.Ross catches Emily at the airport to say he loves her. Phoebe finds out that she is pregnant with triplets and Frank will have to quit college to support such a large family.Chandler and Joey need a break from porn so they watch TV at the girls' place.Emily calls to tell Ross that there is someone else and she doesn't know who she should be with.Monica convinces Ross to go to London and fight for her.Phoebe will have her own massage "salon" in the van - "Relaxy Taxi" - so Frank won't have to quit college.