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Introduction and Acknowledgements Chapter 1: Last Week Chapter 2: Monday Chapter 3: Tuesday Chapter 4: Wednesday Chapter 5: Thursday Chapter 6: Friday Chapter 7: Saturday Chapter 8: Sunday Chapter 9: Next Week Introduction and Acknowledgements If you're not familiar with the Naked in School shared universe, it can be found at " He started to pull his fist back and dropped his books.

Karen Wagner started it and those of us hooked on the concept thank her profoundly. " "Yes, Mom." "Tank, honey, will you need a lift home?

In addition, someone named Tenyari maintains the site so thanks and high honors there as well. The basic premise is that high schools across the world are allowing - indeed forcing - students to attend class naked. Do you boys want anything before I put everything away? There's more to it than that, but I'm not going in to it here - go to the site if you want more info. Turn those in on Wednesday, I'll have them back Friday. The Pamphlet frequently referred to can be found here: S_Program_As for the Ni S readers not familiar with my work, Alex and Beth are from my stories about "Davidson Fisheries and the Mc Elroy Family". Three page minimum, double space, 12point please, thank you. They are introduced in Alex and Peter and Alex's story continues in Alex and Ame. When the bell rings, you may leave." Beth - Eighth Period "We have a major problem this year." Mr. Here's a warning: if the sentence is grammatically incorrect or the spelling of a word looks odd, remember the family is from fine Southern Virginia stock and I thank you kindly ta keep that in mind as you readin'. Above all, thanks to Genxorcist, Mishiko Shinsei and Voicestotemptus for putting up with me. " "That, Miss Eubanks is part of the question," Irwin responded, "Has your life prepared you to make connections with people - men and women - that are not based on their surface. Renaldo addressed the group of us around the worktable, "How do we produce a yearbook that doesn't get rated NC-17? I thought it would get easier as the day wore on but each class was yet another group who hadn't touched the last naked person or hadn't seen the last naked person or didn't believe there were naked people.