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Catherine was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and raised by her single mother, Lily Flynn, a former cocktail waitress and showgirl (Weeping Willows).Catherine had occasional contact with her mother's friend, casino owner Sam Braun, who later turned out to be Catherine's biological father.Due to the nature of her mother's jobs, Catherine was constantly moved around the west coast of America as a child and because of this, she found it difficult to settle in school.

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That triggered an interest in police work which changed the course of her life.In the episode The Lost Girls, Catherine tells some things about her dancing life to Jim Brass at a night club.Catherine briefly had a cocaine habit, but she dropped it before pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology from West Las Vegas University. I will penalize you to my wits end so tell me, are you still worthy? Catherine Willows (née Flynn) is the night shift supervisor for the Las Vegas Crime Lab.

After Gil Grissom left the Lab, Catherine got promoted and became night-shift supervisor.

Before her promotion, she worked as the assistant supervisor under Grissom.

In 73 Seconds, season 12 premiere, Catherine got demoted to assistant supervisor under D. Russell Catherine was willing to do whatever it took to break a case.

She even once promised a prisoner that for every question he answered, she would unbutton one button on her blouse.

(Leaving Las Vegas) Catherine has a wide knowledge of odd facts that help in her investigations of crime scenes.

Catherine was a blood-splatter expert and her knowledge on the subject would prove valuable on every case.