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Girls that go to Filipino Cupid are going with a purpose. Even if she is responding quick they can lose interest real fast.Maybe they go out of town, maybe they have a friend in town, or maybe they find another dick.

The horny ones make it obvious and sometimes lead the conversation/ send pics.

If it’s going well go ahead and invite them on whatever kind of date you want to do.

I am lazy and just invite them straight to my place.

Im a simple type of guy..i love to play basketball..of all im always in my room if i dont have work to rest and sleep....

bcoz i dont have a place to hang nmn eh kaya ganun nalng ginagawa ko thank :).

There are so many dating sites in the Philippines it’s kinda hard to know which to use.If you want to find the hottest Pinays you need to pick the right ones.Lots of guys just use DIA (Date in Asia) and while it is a good option for volume the percentage of sexy Filipinas is quite low.There’s only one pic per profile and you get banned if like me you copy paste the same intro message too many times 🙂And since its a popular site you get a lot of the ‘Tinder Time Wasters’ crowd who just use it to kill time.Filipino Cupid is popular, but it’s not THAT popular. A girl may not log on for a few days or even a few weeks.If a girl is just wanting some boys to tease and lead on with no real intent of ever meeting she is far more likely to be doing so on DIA than FC. Trying to start your conversation there will often end in missed opportunities.