European dating what to expect

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However, I now feel that I am suffering in this relationship and would need another perspective. After about 5 months of dating, we recently had a talk that made me realize that he had been dating others too all along.I was so hurt and humiliated that I cut it off with him immediately. No relationship is worth compromising your beliefs for.Of course I have done a little research since then, and believe that dating more than 1 person at the same time is a typically American thing I pretty much despise (sorry for the harsh word). I lived in UK last year and even there I haven't seen anything such. It's not cultural, it's a man that is playing the field and is not ready for what you want.Anyway, because I really like this guy, I have decided to accept it as a cultural thing. It happens every day, the key is to TALK about what you want and need from day one, not 5 months into it.At the moment we are back together, but only since last week, and haven't talked about this issue yet. It's a thing when your guy is a great big stainand isn't truthful with you from the beginning. No, dating multiple people, if you want a monogamous relationship, is not a North American cultural thing, and you don't have to accept it as such.

I don't know if he is dating others at the moment, I told him I need time to think. My friends are mocking me for getting back together with him. Now he has brainwashed you into thinkingthis is an acceptable occurance. They are mocking you because well- he hastotally bullshitted you. I'm a North American woman born and raised here and it's not something I'd accept.Are there any other things like this I should be expecting??? Dating an American male is the same as any other male.If you want a monogamous relationship, talk to him.Obviously this meant more to you than it did to him.Perhaps he didn't realize that you wanted to be exclusive.In some countries it might be accepted as a given that relationships evolve to a monogamous state, but according to these forums, it has to be spelled out for some; especially the chronic daters. Your answers are really helpful.tdh49: I can't help but wonder did you have a talk with him about being exclusive, or did you just assume you two were exclusive?