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I have read posts on a few sites of colors not matching logos or page backgrounds as they did in previous versions.Obviously all of this information is taken from what I have read and I have not yet had a chance to try i Web out for myself.

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i Web is a powerful web page creation utility - this tutorials shows you how to use it's advanced features to make complex interactive web sites!If you're starting out with i Web, be sure to review i Web '09 101: Core i Web '09 before watching this tutorial.In this follow-up to his best-selling core i Web 101 tutorial, Star mac Pro trainer Francesco Schiavon takes you deeper into i Web '09.Well it looks at last, if the new version of i Web has hit the streets.My copy hasn’t arrived yet (I have to wait for an English version to be sent to me in France) but I have been visiting the various Apple related forums over the last few days and there seems to be problems a plenty following the upgrade.

The majority of problems seem to relate to re-publishing sites once they have been opened for the first time in i Web 09.

This seems a little reminiscent of the problems i Web 08 suffered when Fifrefox 3 was bought out and the photo albums stopped working, or when Mobile Me was first introduced toward the end of last year.

The majority of the publishing problems do relate to the FTP side of the application but there have been reports of Mobile Me users having similar problems.

One recurring bugbear about the FTP uploading now built into i Web is that it doesn’t allow you to optimize your files first (such as add extra HTML like Google Analytics) before uploading your files to your web host; so if you are buying i Web 09 for this option alone, you may want to wait for i Web 10.

Several posters on the Apple i Web 09 forums are reporting problems uploading to Windows based servers (rather than Linux) so if you plan to use the FTP function, check your web host first.

Another problem that seems to have affected many users is one regarding colors.