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You have to unscrew the bottom cover of the camera to access the JTAG connector (marked J2).

On some cameras the connector is there but without the pins; In this case, add a solder iron to the "What you need" list.

error updating firmware to extreme-64

The 4 pins, from right to left are used as follow: Pin #1 - INPUT Pin #2 - OUTPUT Pin #3 - GROUND (not needed) The serial interface you buy may have more than 4 pins but the corresponding ones will usually be labeled as TXD, RXD, GRD and VCC.One important point is that you need to cross INPUT with TXD, and OUTPUT with RXD.The file Ip Cam serial will tell you how to initiate the connection with the boot loader of the camera and what commands to issue in order to upload the recovery files, linux_4Mx16Bit_and romfs_cmos_11_14_2_17(for FI8908W and FI8904W) into the camera.If you're part of the numerous people who bricked their ip camera at any stage, maybe you kept it (as a door stopper, a paperweight or a dummy camera).In that case, there is one last thing you can try to make your camera functional again.

It requires a small investment of less than €15 so I think it's really worth trying.I obtained some information recently, thanks to Foscam tech support for most part, on a serial upgrade method that would fix cameras for which the firmware upgrade went bad.A word of caution first: - I've only tested this method with the oldest FI8908W, not the Foscam "Logo" FI8908W (fw v. and up).- this should be experimented only if you exhausted your other options, like claiming a replacement under the warranty. It suppose that the boot loader in the camera is still intact.- the recovery files are not normal firmware upgrade files and cannot be uploaded to the camera using the normal firmware upgrade procedure.FI8908W AND FI8918W - a terminal software if you don't have Hyper Terminal on your version of Windows. - I also used some adhesive putty to help keeping the wires in place and isolate the wires from each other.