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As such, Tom Wilson became Biff, and Cohen was cast as Skinhead, a member of Biff's gang.

One notable scene that was kept in the final film is the one in which Stoltz as Marty punches Biff in Lou's Cafe back in 1955.

A You Tube feature, entitled "Eric Stoltz is Actually Still in Back To The Future!

", shows the closeup and shows that Biff is being struck by a person taller than Fox. Since the shot was a closeup of Tom Wilson they decided to retain the footage in the film.

Stoltz was filmed for four weeks, but after seeing a rough cut, Steven Spielberg and the writer/directors decided that Stoltz had played the role too seriously for a comedy, and he was replaced by Michael J. Images of the scenes of Stoltz as Marty can be seen on com, where they were posted in 2002.

(These can be found by going to com, then clicking upon "photo gallery" and the link to the old site) Among the scenes that were originally filmed with Stoltz were: Stoltz's Marty did not wear the down vest that would be mistaken for a life preserver, and drew attention instead for having green tennis shoes.

Other than the Twin Pines Mall closeups, the 1985 scenes had not been filmed.Melora Hardin had been cast as Jennifer after Claudia Wells was filming a television series in 1984.Because Hardin was a few inches taller than Fox, however, she was fired at the same time as Stoltz, without ever having filmed a single scene, although a publicity photo showed Stoltz and Hardin together as Marty and Jennifer.Side-by-side comparisons of the Twin Pines and the Lou's Cafe scenes are featured at another site, along with quotes from interviews.The most notable contrast between Stoltz and Fox is their height; at 5'11, Stoltz is six inches taller than 5'4" Fox, and not quite as short in comparison to Christopher Lloyd (6'1") or Thomas F. When Stoltz's Marty would face off against Biff, Tannen would not seem nearly as intimidating.In a question and answer session at USC, featured on the DVD commentary, Zemeckis and Gale said that J. Cohen had been their first choice for Biff, but that Cohen was not large enough in comparison to Stoltz.