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Later in the day, the 23-year-old actress was spotted taking pics with chefs Brooke Williamson and Tiffany Derry at Chef Dance, which was also attended by Elijah Wood. There were memoirs written on both sides of the coin.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kristen Stewart On the same day, Elijah showed off his DJing skills while celebrating director Neil La Bute‘s 10 x 10 shorts. And then I hung out with this really awesome Marine for three days and learned things in a very accelerated way,” Kristen recently shared about her role in the flick.

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But what else do you know about Kristen Stewart -- who'll take the stage this Sunday as a presenter at the Academy Awards.1.

Born Kristen Jaymes Stewart on April 9, 1990 in Los Angeles.

Her Australian mother worked in the entertainment business as a script supervisor and her father produced TV shows. She has an older biological brother as well as an adopted brother of the same age. Kristen Stewart is best known as the star of the teen blockbuster "Twilight" and the upcoming sequel "New Moon." She plays Bella Swan, a high school student who falls in love with vampire Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson).The films are based on the books by Stephenie Meyer.One of Stewart's first films was "Panic Room" with Jodie Foster.She also starred in Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" with Emile Hirsch.