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It’s comforting to know that for the first time I’m not figuring it out on my own. There’s so much ahead, and I try to look at it as exciting, rather than uncertain.We will meet about an hour before showtime (show is at pm.

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This is a great relaxed event where you can laugh your ass off, and make some new friends., TWO Item/ DRINK MINIMUM AT THE CLUB during the show.SPEAK EASY patio mingle- Sat 9/3 in Huntington Speakeasy***Special- 2 admissions for - Register at Promo ending soon *Single Ticket- Register at .75- depending on how early you register.It’s funny sometimes how a special day can feel like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time. As he twirled me around and around, all of these thoughts were flooding into my mind… We still haven’t made our albums (I don’t even know where to begin)… From catching up with friends, to taking time out to get those extra gym days back in. and even got my first post-wedding facial (and my skin is finally so much better- stress can wreak havoc! This week, Mo and I were back on the dance floor at Oheka Castle for the first time since our wedding. As I just started to take a step back and take a breathe, I realize that I need to make some time for me too.

the last six months, heck the last year, has really been a whirlwind. we are still waiting for our video (they say it takes at least 10 months) … People, friends and strangers alike, are also constantly adding to that pressure, asking “when are you having a kids?

(It’s crazy to think that a year ago at this time we were in the thick of planning and there was so much to be done! my dress is still hanging in the same position at my mom’s house (she swears she sees it dancing at night sometimes! but the thank you cards are finally all sent, and all of the other loose ends are finally tied up. There’s this great WSJ article that my girlfriend told me about- how when you get married in your 20s it’s a “startup marriage”…

and when you wait until your 30s it’s a “merger marriage”. Even though we lived together first, there is just something different about it now. Everything I do now affects someone else, someone I love more than anything.

I feel like there’s been so much to merge these past months… from finances (ugh finances), to insurance, to getting joint everything…

there’s been a lot to do, and with work, starting new ventures, and travel, not a lot of time to do it in.

I try to remind myself to take the time to leave a love note, to enjoy being married and celebrate all that we are so grateful to have.