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Situated in the middle of the arena, while a smorgisbord of guys rotates around like a luggage carosel at the airport. (kind of like this sushi boat place I used to frequent) Hello All, I recently came across an interesting new social bookmarking web site that is devoted exclusively to speed dating and local singles events sites.I am a huge fan of social bookmarking sites and think that topic oriented sites really offer community members a great way to keep track of new events, information and interesting web pages relates to their online community.Check out my entry for All About Speed Dating, and let me know what you think about it.

What is really interesting is how many single men are on the left coast, and single women on the east coast It seems that a majority of single guys are drawn to the laid back, easy going life in Sunny California, while most single young ladies prefer the more button down, cosmopolitan culture Of the North East.

(Although where I live in Northern California, There seems to be a greater number of single women as well, but for different reasons, I would imagine.) Well guys, if a woman is what you want, the East Coast is where you should be. So if you are tired of rejected on the On-line dating sites, try a good New York girl next time. After all, how difficult will it be to convince her to move back to Cali?

Totally Ripped without credit, here is the image from the strangemaps.Is the Speed Dating Party Over?

Has The Giant Media Cyclops lost it’s singular interest in the Speed Dating game, and has already refocused it’s zombie gaze on fresh new trends, like Virtual Speed Dating?

When I recently read a story about a Speed Dating Event in a smoky mountain Appalachian town of Wear Valley that had to be called off, because in the entire town, there was only one guy, a 73 Year old Gent that had the stones to put his neck on the line.

This was despite what was reported that all the single guys at the St Mary’s Chapel were complaining just last year, how they were unable to meet their hearts desire…This story exposes, however lamely, the very raw nature of the speed dating experience.Not many of us, especially guys, have the intestinal fortitude to put themselves out in a spectacle of self consciousness and humiliation.I mean, who wants to be rated on a score card against 20 other people?Sims Speed Dating – The recent advent of Virtual Worlds, and the huge number of people who are evidently being drawn into these cyber communities provides a avenue for lonely hearts to anonymously explore and put their presence out in a public setting without the risk involved with a personal one on one introduction.Virtual Speed Dating – There is no more cut-throat way to date than Virtual Speed Dating. If there is anything you don’t like about your potential suitor, bada bing, you push the End Date button, and you are on your way to the next cyber playmate .