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The Eclipse platform forms the basis of the most successful Java IDE and therefore is very stable and broadly used.It uses native user interface components which are fast and reliable.

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Tapping into this ecosystem allows you to find required resources and information.

The Eclipse IDE version 2.0 started as a modular IDE application. Eclipse 3.0 supported reusing components of the Eclipse platform to build stand-alone applications based on the same technology as the Eclipse IDE.

The release of Eclipse in version 4.x simplified and unified the Eclipse programming model which is now based on state-of-the-art technologies, like dependency injection and declarative styling via CSS files.

The Eclipse IDE is basically an Eclipse RCP application to support development activities.

Even core functionality of the Eclipse IDE is provided via a plug-in, for example the Java development or the C development tools are contributed as a set of plug-ins.

Only if these plug-ins are present the Java or C development capabilities are available.The Eclipse IDE functionality is heavily based on the concept of extensions and extension points.For example the Java Development Tools provide an extension point to register new code templates for the Java editor.Via additional plug-ins you can contribute to an existing functionality, for example new menu entries, new toolbar entries or provide completely new functionality.But you can also create completely new programming environments.If you plan to add functionalities to the Eclipse platform, you should download the latest Eclipse release.