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With your help, all donations to Sayaw will be used to help change a family's life!

We will also be partnering with the Answering the Cry of the Poor (ANCOP) Foundation, which provides children and families in the Philippines education and shelter that they never would have been able to afford without the donation of others.

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Inspired by The Filipino Channel, TFC, our theme this year is made to showcase the origins of our cultural dances and provide a full bodied experience in correlation with the many Filipino shows some of you may have grown up watching!

Make sure to invite your family and friends too, its an event you all don't want to miss! _____________________Don't forget to hashtag posts/pictures for this event!

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We’re just fans who decided to make a blog for them because we admire their work! Kevin and Ryan met at a You Tube meeting (You Tube Live) in 2008.

To learn more about the meaning, you can click here. This group consists of Kevin Wu (Kevjumba), Ryan Higa (nigahiga), Chester See (chestersee), JRAquino (jraquinomusic), Victor Kim (victorvictorkim), Dominic Sandoval (the DOMINICshow) and recently added Andrew Garcia (andrewagarcia). After a long mystery, it seems like YTF’s consistent meaning is “Yesterday, Today, Forever”. Kevin’s mom doesn’t appear in any of his videos because she rather be out of the public eye, unlike Papajumba. Kevin’s birthday is on June 12th and Ryan’s in on June 6th. Nevertheless, you can be able to give them gifts when meeting them (in events they host, etc) 11.- Why Kevin’s mom doesn’t appear in any of his videos? ” Nevertheless, he recently appeared in one of Ryan’s videos. Also, Ryan has a place in Las Vegas, reason of why he seems to transition around places often. Neither of them have a PO Box or a place in which fans can send them something physical or material. His “twin brother” in his video was just himself with editing effects. The one who has a brother is Ryan, his name is Kyle and he appears in his Off The Pill: Weird People video. We’re still friends and we see each other every time we come back to Hawaii for winter/summer break. Nevertheless, we haven’t found a consistent proof to this (Like a video or a tweet, etc). Neither of them have confirmed the existence of a girlfriend. We don’t know the exact location of the building since that’s a matter of privacy. Kevin is Taiwanese American and Ryan is Japanese American. Ryan mentioned in the description box in of his videos: “the reason Sean isn’t in videos anymore is because he goes to college in Oregon and I’m in Nevada. We’re able to know this because a few months before we received messages about fans asking him on meetings if he actually had ADHD, answering positively to it. Kevin used to attend college but he’s taking a break from it. Someone told us a while ago that he makes transitions between LA and LV in order to keep an eye in his studies, but we’re not sure. It has been said that the four of them live in the same building, hence why they’re seen frequently together in recent videos. Even though in one of his videos Ryan says he is, it was all for the good fun. What video editing software does Kevin and Ryan use?