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The Driffield Navigation is an 11-mile (18 km) waterway, through the heart of the Holderness Plain to the market town of Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.The northern section of it is a canal, and the southern section is part of the River Hull.

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After protracted negotiation, it was finally replaced in 1804, and a new lock was built to improve water levels at the same time.

One curious feature of the new works were that they were managed quite separately for many years, with the original navigation called the Old Navigation, and the new works called the New Navigation. The navigation gradually became more profitable, and although railways arrived at Driffield in 1846, the navigation continued to prosper and increase its traffic until the 1870s, after which there was a gradual decline.

It continued to make a small profit until the 1930s, and the last commercial traffic was in 1951.

Following proposals to use it as a water supply channel in 1959, the Driffield Navigation Amenities Association was formed in 1968, with the aim of restoring the waterway to a navigable condition.

One problem was that there was no longer a legal body responsible for the assets, and so the Driffield Navigation Trust was formed, which took over the role of the original commissioners.

Since that time, most of the navigation has been returned to a navigable condition, although there are still some obstacles to its full use, caused by bridges which have been lowered or built since the 1950s.

The Driffield Navigation is formed from parts of the River Hull, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and a section of canal.

It starts near Beverley, at the point where Aike Beck used to join the river, and is tidal to Struncheon Hill lock.

Above the lock, it runs through an artificial cut, to rejoin the river until it reaches Emmotland.

The Corps Landing branch follows the original course of the river, while the main navigation channel follows Frodingham Beck to Fisholme junction.

The Beck formed a branch to North Frodingham, while the main line continues as a canal through the Holderness Plain to the small market town of Driffield.