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First of all, when I say ‘too niche’ I don’t mean to suggest that there’s some sexual interests and values which are bad or inferior simply due to their being niche or statistically irregular.

The easiest way to find out if your niche is too niche is by finding the best NSA dating website for your interests (reading reviews will help).Once you’ve found one that you like, take a look at how many members the site has and bear in mind that the USA has a population of 300+ million.If the site you’ve chosen has, for example, 40,000 members you might be inclined to say that that’s a healthy online community. It may not be, though, because that community has roughly one per cent of one per cent of one per cent of the American population. Add into the fact that these people are probably dispersed quite widely throughout the US and suddenly that sexy first casual encounter is shaping up to be cross country road trip. Not anything untoward, just something slightly unusual – like a fancy for red stockings.Let’s say that you’re also a bit lonely and wished there was some super easy and efficient way to have a no strings attached relationship with someone who enjoys wearing that stuff as much as you like people who wear it.

You hear of online dating, but the first glance tells you that you’re confronted by a choice: Do you make an online dating profile on a mainstream dating site like Erotic Search, or do you cast your line into shallower waters, maybe going with a niche dating site which specifically caters your very narrow interest, like or a NSA dating and hookup site like Easy might think that the answer is to simply create two profiles, one for the mainstream sites and one for the niche sites.That’s the simple answer, the one that comes with a condescending tone and feeling of smug superiority.When you look at the amount of online resources available for those looking for help crafting an online dating profile you can see just how flippant that answer is.If people are having trouble creating effective personal ads and finding a NSA date in their area, a good answer to the question posed isn’t “Create twice as many ineffective personal ads”; rather, it’s the advice that tries to make what you are doing more effective. What I suggest is that you ask yourself three questions: Is your niche too niche? , and How much do you want others to care about your niche?While these questions aren’t guaranteed to solve the dilemma for you, I’m hoping that you can use them to coach yourself in the right direction during your decision making.