Dexter dating his sister show

“I joke about how we have more facebook fans than ‘Modern Family’ or ‘American Idol.’ I went deep sea fishing in the Cook Islands and the fisherman didn’t have a TV but he knew about ‘Dexter.’ It has that global reach.” “I keep telling him, ‘You basically ruined me.’ I’ve been flying private jets and now I have to go back to coach.Eventually I’m going to have to get back on the horse.It was an incredible gift and I’m very grateful for it.” “But I think that people really wanted something flashy to happen like Dexter taking his own life or someone killing Dexter, like Deb killing Dexter.

But I think it’s the saddest thing to see a protagonist this charming serial killer that you’ve learned to root for, to not have his father, not have his kid, not have his girlfriend, not have his sister, not have his friends, and not even have his inner thoughts.

That last scene, he doesn’t even have his voiceover, so to me that’s him punishing himself for everything that he’s done.

It’s so much more heartbreaking than escaping through death. No one wants to see their favorite anti hero so sad.”“It wasn’t pretty, it was depressing, I was upset and throwing things at the TV.

I was so angry and unsatisfied but that’s how a great series should end.

It should eat you up inside and make you think afterwards.” “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for strong women in my life and I don’t want to lose any more strong women to cancer.

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