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We needed to find Albie a sweet, down to earth girl who isn't just after him for fame, while Chris needs a cute, young girl who can have a fun time but bring out the adult in him.

As usual the recruiting session was a bit difficult here in NY.

The girls just aren't manufactured like those in Cali.

Sure they're more real in NY and not a bunch of plastic actors and models, but they all hide their beauty under shmatas and skyscrapers!

In the end we chose a great small mix of girls for Albie and Chris.

The idea of having an intimate lunch at the Brownstone with Chris and Albie pretending they were not the millionaires was a total blast.Sitting in that room watching the boys interact and trying to figure out who liked who was great!It made us feel as though we were on the date with them!I have to say my most favorite thing about this mixer was seeing Chris and Rachel.Those two reminded me of Destin and I on our first date.We were so into each other that time stopped and it was like no one in the world existed. Albie however, after some mommy tough love, tore down the wall and opened up to Nikki.