Descreet dating services

Kelleher International provides discreet matchmaking services for the elite: whether you are an executive, a celebrity or a millionaire.

Personals in the traditional sense can be unpredictable, misleading and are typically unsuccessful for people with discriminating tastes. We meet our clients in person and vet those that are serious from the not so serious.

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Unlike typical dating sites or personals, we screen each applicant and meet our clients in person.

We believe as a selective search firm, having this high standard meets your own high standards.

For our successful professionals, personals have just been redefined, courtesy of the unique Kelleher International approach.

Our staff stands ready to provide any assistance along the way.

We're sure you'll come to appreciate our process, just as hundreds have before.

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Our clients work to protect the fruits of their hard work and we work to protect our clients' privacy.

Every candidate within our database has been carefully poured over, screened and selected only after in-depth evaluations.

Kelleher is unlike any other matchmaking service when it comes to confidentiality.

We believe being discreet regarding the income bracket and title provides our millionaire clientele the privacy they appreciate.

For these professionals, personals, Internet dating, and dating services alike are often found to be filled with misrepresentation.