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Delaware has no law regarding the removal or surrender of firearms at the scene of a domestic violence incident.Firearm Prohibitions for Domestic Violence Misdemeanants Delaware prohibits the purchase, ownership, possession or control of any firearm or ammunition by any person who has been convicted in any court of any misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.

As part of a protective order, the court may order that the respondent temporarily relinquish all the firearms he or she owns to a police officer or federally licensed firearms dealer.

Delaware was the first state to ratify the US Constitution.

Delaware is well known as a corporate tax haven due to its laxed and secure banking laws.

It is bordered by the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Despite being only a hundred miles long and less than fifty miles across at its widest point, Delaware is a surprisingly complex and diverse state.

The C&D Canal, which bisects the state two-thirds of the way up, serves as a sort of internal Mason-Dixon Line, separating the more urban and industrialized northern portion of Delaware from the more rural "slower, lower" southern part.You might be from Delaware if you once thought that you might have a White Christmas... The weather in Delaware varies greatly from season to season.Summers are almost always hot, very humid, and unpleasant.The air quality is accordingly poor, but no more so than surrounding counties.Winters, although it rarely snows heavily, can get bitterly cold.Spring and fall are generally the nicest seasons, although snow storms can arrive in April, and heat waves can hit in late November.