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Deans Group Ltd - Glasgow Scotland | Tel: 01 .mymail-form{margin-bottom:20px;}.mymail-form .input, .mymail-form .mymail-form-info{width:100%;-webkit-box-sizing:border-box;-moz-box-sizing:border-box;box-sizing:border-box;}.mymail-form label{lin uk var page Options = { domain Registrant : as-drid-2421601518898051 , related Search Base Url : ac=2 slt=8 slr=1 lpt=1 , pag uk var page Options = { domain Registrant : as-drid-2421601518898051 , related Search Base Url : ac=2 slt=8 slr=1 lpt=1 , page Loaded Callback Welcome to Phoenix Trading – we have a fantastic selection of greeting cards, giftwrap, notecards, Christmas cards, advent calendars and stationery at great value prices.

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Business Standard V O L UM E X V I I I N U M B E R 5 4S TAY UPDAT ED THROUGH THE DAY, V I S I T WWW. COMNEW DE LH I , WE E K END 18 JUNE 201115OPINIONEVER since spring came,the leafy quiet around ourhouse is broken morningand sundown by the insistentcalls of a koel. So at the appoint-ed hours it sings and sings, send-ing a message that is loud andclear.Somebody musthave told the creature that itssound is sweet and so it goeson and on. Yes, nature is losing outin Bangalore but has not givenup as yet.It will go on fightinguntil the last koel has no moretrees to perch on. Grand-old sentinels alongroad after road are being felledtomakeway forwidening.Acou-ple of years ago, not one but tworain trees, at both ends of ourside street, fell during a storm,the roots apparently weakenedby construction and paving ofside spaces to create even, un-muddy parking spaces.But thehuge pine tree next to our ve-randah, taller than our two-storeyed house, still appearsstrong, home to the koel and ateam of squirrels whose fun inlife seems to be to jump from itsbranches on to our verandah andterrace and back.

We go to fetch our daughtercoming home from Delhi and inthewindy, cloudy cool environsof the airport she says she can-not believe it ismid-afternoon inmid-summer. In these windymonths, which also see one ortwo storms, so many of them,with their visuals torn to shreds,have become scaffoldings fromwhich a bedraggled city appearsto hang out its torn persona.The sides of theroad connecting the airport tothe highway are being elabo-rately landscaped and add to thegood feeling. Through the middle of thenew multi-lane highway com-pleted just the other day, an ele-vated highway is being built, tojump the traffic lights.So, on ahighwaywhere themain prob-lem has been the temptation toover-speed, there are now a fewtraffic jams.Why not build ametro rail link instead of a car-riageway and be donewith it inone go, asks our son.Mumbai,where he lives, seems to havecreated inhimahabit of thinkingin terms of smart solutions.Maybe someday theywill buildadouble-deckermetro lineon topof the roadway, I say somewhatfacetiously. A project like that, with a hugeprice tag andno land acquisitionproblems – only a few years oftraffic jamsduring construction– can excite politicians and offi-cials alike.