Dean geyer dating jillian murray

Dean Geyer might be a heartthrob for thousands of single girls around the world, but is there anyone out there who makes his heart beat louder?

This lanky fellow is much loved by his fans and admirers – especially love struck ladies that cheered and sighed with relief when he broke up with his then girlfriend Jillian Murray in 2013.

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So how much of truth is there in the alleged tittle-tattle?There have been countless rumors regarding Dean’s sexuality in the past few years, most of which surfaced during his time on Glee as Brody Weston.As we all know that Glee is very popular for introducing us to lots of LGBT characters in the show.There were many characters in the show that were gay and there were several actors in the show who despite being straight in real life played the role of gay characters.So the show, with the motive of raising awareness about the issues of bullying and the LGBT community, introduced lots of different actors identifying with different sexuality.

As a result, it has become common for the media and audiences to speculate if one of their favorite characters in the show is gay.The actor who is currently single after his break-up with his girlfriend, Jillian Murray in 2013, is not dating anyone at the moment.He has not been seen with any girl in past two years and this has led to the hearsay that he might actually be gay.Despite several speculations about his sexual orientation, the actor with deep blue eyes has denied such rumors.There are many who say that since the guy who has dated countless women in past, he can never be gay.And it may be true because, just because someone is single or not dating any girl does not make them gay, does it?