David archuleta dating debbie ryan

But he is looking adorable and happy during his return!

Check out his latest music video for We knew he was going on his mission, but what we didn't know what that David Archuleta be taking a FULL two year hiatus from the music industry — and that he's starting it NOW! On Howard Stern's radio show yesterday, Courteney Cox called in to promote the return of Cougar Town and got suckered in to talking about her relationship with ex, David Arquette.He made the official announcement just this afternoon, saying: Rough! By the tone of her voice, we know she is terribly sick of answering questions about their divorce and how she is holding up since the break-up, but things got intensely awkward with Howard called Court out on her sex life. Check out the video (above) to listen to their uncomfy conversation about Courteney NOT dating her co-stars and NOT getting laid since she was married to David. As America says goodbye to Archie in the months, the Phillipines will welcome him with a new TV series!Yes, because that is the kind of information you want broadcasted over the airwaves to millions of people. Before he begins his mission work, David Archuleta has been cast for a television series for TV5, the third largest Filipino network.David Archuleta is back and he's catching up on everything that's happened during the two years he's been gone!That's a lot to read up on but once you reach Justin Bieber's mugshot, you'll know you're almost there! The former contestant just returned from a Mormon mission that he started at the end of 2011, where he found himself serving a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chile.

Upon his return, David has been slowly recuperating and getting back in touch with the world!

Still no word if he's returning to music, but if we had to guess, the few notes he played on the piano could be a hint as to what's next for the musician!

Take a look at David reacquainting himself with the keys on the piano and his adorable message to the world (above)! David Archuleta has completed his two-year Mormon mission that had him living in Chile, and now that he's back, everyone is asking what's next!

The former runner-up took a two-year hiatus from music to complete this personal mission where he spread the message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

But with that in the past, what does the future hold for this youngin'??

We wish we could tell you he's already working on a hot new album, but David isn't yet giving away his plans for the future.