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“I said [to him], ‘I trust that you will film me and make me look good,'” Nicks says.

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Stewart 's production choices are just as tin-eared. CAST Dave Stewart, Stevie Nicks, Joss Stone, Amy Keys. Natalya Rudakova Dating Dave Stewart interview, Platinum Weird, Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, Kara Dio Guardi. Filed Under: Dave Stewart - Stevie Nicks Category: News. I just listened to the song "Stevie Baby" and I decided my first thread here should be about it. There were rumors when Stevie was recording In Your Dreams that they were an item, but I think those turned out to be unsubstantiated. I don't know that I would write a song like that for someone I had nothing to do with. Stevie thanked his wife in her liner notes, "To Anoushka Stewart for her great patience and love over this past year."Have to point out here that the song, "Stevie Baby" was actually inspired by Tom Petty's drummer, Steve Ferrone who was playing on the In Your Dreams album. He is married to a lovely lady and they have two daughters.Alex Mattson - Forget You Peter Luts - Lovin' U (Radio Edit) Attom feat. Tam Cooper - Be Bold (Mathew Hayer Remix) Calvin Harris feat.

Read On Stewart Lindsey’s new album Spitballin is out now.Dave Stewart’s new personal project partners Stewart with a one-of-a-kind young male singer from Louisiana, Thomas Lindsey.The album was recorded between Los Angeles and Louisiana, completely isolated from one another, never recording together in the same room–or state–by using the power of the internet to collaborate on the project. Stevie Nicks‘ 2011 album ‘In Your Dreams’ marked a solid return for the legendary singer-songwriter. Nicks received much help from producer Dave Stewart, the former Eurythmics multi-instrumentalist who’s worked with Mick Jagger, Tom Petty and Ringo Starr.“He was really behind all the shooting of all those videos that the Eurythmics made,” Nicks tells Ultimate Classic Rock in an exclusive video interview, which you can watch above. Everything they did — from a style standpoint and from a musical standpoint — was kinda crazily in his head.” Recorded in large part at Nicks’ sweeping and stately home in Los Angeles, ‘In Your Dreams’ was her first solo album in 10 years.The recently released DVD, also titled ‘In Your Dreams,’ chronicles the making of the album and gives insight to the working relationship between Nicks and Stewart.